It looks like it was my last film watched for free and as a job so not only for free but I have been paid for it and as a not so sweet cherry on the cake it has been my last film I have put on screen… Sadly I can’t remember the first one.

Boyhood? Film which was made up over 12 years, long one 166 minutes. Pleasant to watch, it is not dragging. What is it exactly? It is a story which I would like to listen to and watching it, it’s a bonus but… I will forget it, it won’t stay with me for long. It can be everybody’s story…


“WORST CASE” – James Patterson, Michael Ledwidge

It is pure detective story, i think I have never read that kind of book before where it is just the case, the investigation, murder, chase and grand finale. The construction remind me TV style series where chapters are like a takes or scenes in the episode. Easy to read, interesting story line and motive of crime but nothing mind blowing…


Broad beans, who would thought few years ago I will consider even looking at it!? I knew it exist and people eat it but not me. No, no, no…

But something has changed. Last year I have missed the fresh crops of broad beans and end up with pack of frozen and become very determinate not to miss it this time. Hey I have manage it. It is cheap it is easy to prepare and it is healthy and tasty.

It can be prepared in countless combinations but the easiest is just to cook it and throw it in favorite salad.

Take it out from the pods wash them and cook 3 min in salty water. Let it cool down and take out the outer skin which is around the proper bright green kernel. Prepare favorite salad and toss them in…



Rustic, light, quick Saturday lunch before the real deal for Summer Saturday do … BBQ?

– about 1l of vegetable or chicken stock

– 2 sweet potatoes

– 2 carrots

– 2 chicken breasts or one double

– juice from half of lime

– half red chilli

Bring the stock to boil, throw in sweet potatoes and carrot chopped into smallish cubes and cook for about 15 min. After, add chicken and lime juice as well as the finely chopped chilli, cook for another 10 minutes. And that would be it, add some coriander and avocado on the top and enjoy the lunch…

If any leftovers, cook some rice, mix it in and you have work lunch on Monday or like me on Sunday…



Home made pizza from scratch. Very easy and rewarding.


– 300g of self rising flour

– 3 tea spoons of dried yeast

– 1/2 tea spoon of salt

– generous table spoon of olive oil

– 187ml of lukewarm water

Mix it all together initially using a spoon after a minute or so put your hand on it and work it for no lest than 15 minutes.The dough should be nice, shinny elastic and easily separating from your hands. It is quite of a work out. Leave it in the bowl (covered by tea towel) for no less than 45 minutes or like me make it in the morning get on with your day and whenever you ready finish it of…

Punched dough after all day rising. It was a very good dough but needed the punch.

Tomato sauce:

1 can of organic tomatoes

1 tea spoon of sugar

1 table spoon of olive oil

black pepper

1/2 tea spoon of oregano or more if you like it – I do.

Bring it all to boil and then cook it gentle for 15 minutes.

It can be blend or smashed with fork or just leave the tomatoes how they are in bigger chunks.

Other ingredients and baking:

Heat up your oven as high as it goes.

Whenever you ready come back to your dough divide it in two and prepare pizza base.If you can do it Italian style by swirling it above your head, If not just stretch it as evenly as you can on the baking pizza dish or any other, which is flat and suitable for oven backing. Spread tomato sauce and some yellow hard mozzarella on the pizza base. Put into the hot oven for about 12 minutes. When it is ready take it out and put on it what ever you fancy. It can be:

– salami, parma ham, olives, onion, cocktail tomatoes, spinach, basil leaves and of course white soft mozzarella and if you like goat cheese. Put it back to bake for another 5-6 minutes. Oh! it is really good!

And there is the final result.. don’t forget about good glass of wine to go with it…

Next day some left overs made a good work lunch… Without wine thou…



Yet another take on melon and green tea combination. This time green tea is much more delicate and as a naughty sweetens kiwi is playing their star role.

– 300g of melon any type (except watermelon)

– cup of cooled green tea (brewed from big pinch of the best quality leaves)

– 1 or 2 kiwis

– 2 big apples

– handful of spinach

– juice from half of a lime

It taste very refreshing and it is better after seating overnight in the fridge or with crushed ice…

Ferdinand von Schirach – “DER FALL COLLINI”

I had a teaser of this book on my  I -books, the author’s name didn’t say to me anything, never read court room drama so I gave it a go… After 4 pages I knew I want it all, I bought it on the spot. It is only 111 pages. short intense, moving, brilliant. The only thing which irritated me a bit was lousy Polish translation, well not all over just the time continuity and 1 (one) spelling mistake. Messing up with times of the day or night in one long sentence is very, very bad! Confusing and  it is spoiling tension of the moment.  Other than this most moving book I have lately read , worth a shot in whatever language…   English title “The Collini case”